What does cultural impact look like after the pandemic? Discussing and exploring the impact of art and culture is more relevant than ever.

In 2020 we launched a conference that was supposed to have been the biggest event on the topic to date. Then Covid-19 came and changed our plans. 

Now we are re-launching one of the first live events in over a year, and one that seems even more important to us this time around. We are longing for the world to open up, Covid-19 has changed our lives and the need to discuss the impact of arts and culture is more relevant than ever.

Who is inviting

The conference is created in collaboration between The European Network of Cultural Centres, Trans Europe Halles and the host, cultural centre Maltfabrikken. It is the first joint event between the two main networks of cultural centres in Europe.


What does cultural impact look like, one year later? We now know, more than ever, how strong our hunger for culture and community is, and how vital cultural spaces are to individuals and societies. We also know that culture is not necessarily supported, in times of crisis, as an essential part of human life. In June we’ll be talking about how cultural centres and other cultural organisations, from across Europe and across networks, can come together to identify the ways they impact society, and stand up for their work and mission.

What can you expect?

An unconventional, engaging and inspiring conference that invites participants to explore and co-create.

An open forum for discussion, dialogue and curious conversations.

A programme that combines knowledge, creative workshops and playful experiments


You can now find the PROGRAM OVERWIEV HERE and it is filled with interesting keynote speakers, panel debates and awesome

Considering the general urge to reboot our social and cultural life and communities, we are working on a programme that leaves room for improvised meetings between the scheduled events. 

Maltfabrikken is organizing the artistic programme and the catering, and is working hard to combine the two as much as possible. Bring all your senses and a notebook! 

Covid-19 safety at the conference

The staff at Maltfabrikken is carefully monitoring the situation and working closely with the local health authorities to create a safe environment around the conference. Rapid tests will be provided on arrival. All meeting rooms and other facilities will be marked with maximum capacity and cleaned between events. 


150 EUR – Regular ticket

100 EUR – TEH & ENCC members ticket *

80 EUR – Eastern Partnership and Balkans members ticket *

*Members can invite friends to participate for the same price as they pay. Choose members ticket or Eastern Partnership and Balkans members ticket and mark the option ‘friend’ in the following step of the ordering proces.

Refunds: Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, tickets can be cancelled and will be fully refunded at all times until the day before the conference opens.

Travel and Covid-19 regulations in Denmark

For the time being, people who travel into Denmark are required to isolate for ten days. However, the current restrictions are expected to change with the increasing numbers of vaccinations and hopefully a declining number of new covid cases. 

Follow the current guidelines from The Danish Health Authority here: https://en.coronasmitte.dk

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About TEH

Trans Europe Halles is one of the oldest and most dynamic cultural networks in Europe. It has been at the forefront of repurposing abandoned buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. The network is based in Sweden and has 127 members in 36 different countries across Europe – from Spain to Ukraine.

TEH members differ in organisational structure, size, background and range of activities they organise. The network is strong in its diversity. Each of the members has unique expertise and experience.

About ENCC

The European Network of Cultural Centres was founded in 1994 to promote dialogue and cooperation between social-oriented cultural centres throughout Europe. It is both a network of direct members and a “network of networks”. Today, the ENCC gathers about 5000 cultural organisations in 24 countries, with very diverse structures, practices and audiences. We align on values of cultural equality, active citizenship, intercultural diversity and sustainability.

The ENCC’s main action lines are capacity building, networking and advocacy. We organise meetings, conferences, trainings and staff exchanges, participate in research and data-gathering, create tools and publications, and connect our members with other actors from the cultural sector. We also support social and cultural innovation by mentoring international cooperation projects. Empowering cultural centres’ communities is our priority.


The organizers wish to thank The Creative Europe programme of the EU, the City of Lund (Sweden), Swedish Arts Council, Syddjurs Municipality (Denmark), Region Midtjylland (Denmark), Realdania (Denmark), Nordic Council of Ministers, The Nordic Culture Fund and the Danish Ministry of Culture for supporting the conference.